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Water-Based Cremation

Aquamation is a gentle water-based process known as alkaline hydrolysis that is an eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial.  Alkaline hydrolysis is the process that occurs as part of nature's course when a body is laid to rest in the soil.  A combination of water flow, temperature, and alkalinity (95% water and 5% alkali) are used to accelerate nature's process.


Aquamation is an environmentally friendly technology.  There are no direct emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, no burning of fossil fuels, and it's non-toxic.  With aquamation, all organic material is reduced to its most basic building blocks.  The sterile process water is released for recycling, and only the bone minerals remain.  


The family receives about 20% more cremains (ash remains) back compared to traditional flame-based cremation. Both private and communal services are available using Aquamation.  Private cremation means your pet will go into their own individual compartment within the aquamation machine, and your pet's cremains will be returned to you.  A communal cremation means your pet will not be separated from other pets.  And your pet's cremains will not be returned to you.  However, Dr. Jessica Smith and her family will respectfully spread the communal cremains.

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